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What Is “Cryo-Accurizing”?

“Cryo-Accurizing” is a computer controlled scientific dry process that relieves stress in firearms barrels.  Stresses cause a barrel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing.  This warping causes a stringing, walking or wandering effect in your group.  After the Deep Cryogenic Tempering process, the barrel will no longer bend or warp, since the stresses are removed.  The end result is a firearm barrel with proven, increased performance (both improved accuracy and extended barrel life).

The “Cryo-Accurizing” Process:

To relieve internal stresses, “Cryo-Accurizing” treats the firearm barrel to an even temperature all the way through from surface to core.  It then cycles the entire unit slowly and carefully ...under total programmed profile computer control... through a wide temperature range in a process that can last more than 40 hours.

The “Cryo-Accurizing” process is completely computer profile controlled to within 1/10th of 1 degree Fahrenheit throughout the complete cycle.  The barrel is taken down to -300 degrees F., held at that temperature for a pre-determined time, then slowly brought up through the cycle to approximately +300 degrees F.  The Deep Cryogenic Processor utilizes a dry process where no liquid comes in contact with the barrel.  This painstaking method eliminates the chance of thermal shock and micro cracking.


“Cryo-Accurizing” permanently refines the grain structure of a firearm barrel at the molecular level and produces a homogeneously stabilize barrel.  Carbon particles precipitate as carbides into a lattice structure and fill the microscopic voids.  This creates a denser, smoother surface that reduces friction, heat, and wear.  The result is better groups from your rifle.


Your barrel will last longer, be stronger, shoot better, and be easier to clean!  Clients have reported improved group size by 30 to 50%.

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