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BSR Custom Arms is dedicated to obtaining the best accuracy possible.

Our reputation has grown over the years as a business that builds consistently accurate rifles and we are so confident in our workmanship that all our custom rifles come with full money back guarantee.

A rifle is only as good as the components, tools and expertise used in its creation.  Our components are purchased from specialist manufacturers who, like ourselves, take great care and pride in their work.

We only use Stainless Select Match and Chrome-Moly Match Grade Barrels from manufacturers who guarantee their product.  Parallel rifled blanks are purchased, and all additional machining work, except fluting, is completed in house.  Barrel profiles can be supplied in various standard and custom shapes to optimize weight, balance and accuracy. 
Chambering is completed using high quality reamers with interchangeable 0.0001" increment pilots.  Our reamers are ground by manufacturers in the USA to SAAMI or CIP minimum tolerances, or to custom dimensions specified by ourselves.  Please refer to our current list of reamers for information on what cartridges are available.
Barrel finishes are offered in polished and bead blasted (matte) for stainless steel; and machine polished, hand polished black, or matte black for chrome molybdenum steel.
Advice can be given on every aspect of choosing a barrel: from which cartridge would suit your needs, to which twist rate and chamber dimensions will optimize the bullet style and weight that will most commonly be fired through the rifle.  We are pleased to help with alternative chambers and wildcat work, although a tooling surcharge will be applied to the overall cost of the rifle.
Further details of profiles, weights and chambers can be found in our Barreling Section

Stocks (also see our Rifle Stock Price List 2001):
Despite little being known about the principles of mechanical stress and their relationship to accuracy, it is generally accepted that rifle components will be affected by certain stresses.  Stock movement due to changes in temperature and humidity can induce stress, and the result will normally be seen as a change in either the group's point of impact or size.  For these reasons, the largest percentage of our rifles is built on synthetic stocks.

The majority of our rifles are built on McMillan synthetic stocks.  Due to their quality of construction, these stocks are supplied with an unconditional lifetime guarantee against warping, splitting or cracking under normal conditions of use.  McMillan stocks are manufactured from layers of fiberglass cloth, impregnated with epoxy resin, molded together at high pressure.  All inletting work is completed on CNC milling machines.  With a choice of over 60 different shapes, including many copies of factory stocks, there is generally a model to suit each purpose.  Available finishes include many molded-in solid or marbled colors, camouflage patterns, and a selection of four polyurethane painted colors.  A full catalogue is available on request.

Although quality alternatives to McMillan stocks are rare, we have recently started working with Rimrock Stocks.  These are an extremely rigid fiberglass cloth stock available in an expanding range of styles and finishes.  To date Rimrock have specialized in lightweight, classic, hunting rifle stocks but competition bench-rest and several new hunting stocks are coming into production. 
One of their main technical advantages is that they are not inlet after molding, but have their action and barrel channels pre-molded.  The same cloth is used under the action and barrel as on the rest of the stock.  This leaves a seamless shell that is reinforced with solid fiberglass cross-bolts and pillars. 
Hunting stocks can be finished in black polyurethane paint or camouflage.  Rimrock’s patented camouflage is molded in beneath the surface during the laminating process.  Commercially available camouflage patterns are used – please contact us for further details and a catalogue, or visit www.rimrockstocks.com.  As they become available, the competition stocks can be painted according to a customer’s preference.

BSR Custom Walnut and Laminate-
We are able to offer a limited number of bespoke stocks in walnut and laminate.  Each stock is individually manufactured regarding shape, size and features.  The majority of the roughing work is done on a copy router, and all final shaping, fitting and finishing by hand.  The large amount of man-hours involved in such quality work is reflected in the prices which start at approximately $1050 excluding wood. Best quality, exhibition grade blanks are occasionally available from stock but limited sources mean that there is a high demand for well-seasoned wood.  Please contact for further details. 

We will not, under any circumstances, build any custom rifles on injection molded plastic stocks.  



The purpose of bedding is to mate action and stock together.  This process ensures that there is no movement under recoil; however, care must be taken not to create tension in the metalwork, which causes inconsistent vibrations.  We have tight maximum tolerances on bedding stress, which are easily measured with a 0.001" dial indicator.  All barrels are left fully floating.

Actions are bedded using a pillar bedding system with Marine Tex or Bisonite. The pillars are either of machined aluminum or epoxy, depending on the depth of the stock at each of the action bolts. Grooves are machined on the circumference to give a good epoxy bond between the stock and the pillars. No direct contact is made between a metal pillar and the action, as it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get a perfect fit between solid pillars and an action, while maintaining an evenly distributed contact on the remainder of the bedding surface.

Accuracy Guarantee:
We will give an accuracy guarantee with all our complete custom rifles.  The level of accuracy depends on several factors including finished weight, action type, chambering and number of shots fired in a given period.  Lightweight, large caliber, sporting rifles are not expected to shoot the same number of shots to the same accuracy standard as a bench- rest or NRA target rifle.  Typical guarantees vary from 1/2" three shot to sub 1/4", five shot, and 100-yard groups.  NRA target rifles will shoot 1/2 MOA, 10 shot, 300-yard groups.  All accuracy guarantees are dependant on using appropriate hand-loaded ammunition.

Testing & Load Development
All BSR custom rifles are fully tested for accuracy and function.  A suitable load is established using a chronograph, to ensure that the correct velocity is achieved with the most accurate load.  A subsequent report on the suitable load is provided with the rifle.

Most of our custom rifles are supplied complete with accessories, which include a rigid case, a rod guide and scope mounts on all hunting rifles.  Instructions on rifle care and cleaning are also included. Ammunition, reloading components and equipment, such as cases or dies, and any additional accessories can also be provided.

Orders for custom rifles are to be paid in three parts.  A deposit of $1500 is required to finalize any order followed by a stage payment of $1500 when the major components are in stock with the balance being due before delivery.

All work must be paid for in full before delivery.  

Click on a picture below and find out more information regarding the Actions, Barrels, Triggers & Stocks we use.

                    Actions                                                            Barrels

                Triggers                                                                Stocks


The action is the heart of the rifle and experience has taught us that only the best actions available will produce the consistent accuracy we require time after time.  For many years, we have been asked to provide rifles that carry our own name.  We are pleased to announce that we can now supply rifles with bench-rest quality, stainless steel or chrome moly actions that provide both the consistency and high standard of craftsmanship that BSR Custom Arms require.

Designed by Jim Borden, the actions are round bodied with spiral-fluted bolts and can be supplied in either Standard or lightweight Hunter styles.  The minimum tolerance bolt to action fit uses the patented Borden bolt design that adds greatly to the accuracy potential of these actions.  The bolts are made in one piece thus limiting the problems of handles breaking off.

Our single-shot actions have cone faced bolts and are supplied with a stainless steel, ADL style trigger guard.  Aluminum guards are available where weight is of the utmost importance.  The repeaters have regular flat faces to aid cartridge feeding and the footprint of Remington actions so can utilize the same style of hinged floor-plate.  There is a choice of either the standard Remington factory item in cast alloy or a Sunny Hill stainless steel CNC machined version.  Detachable magazines are also available on request.

The extractor claws are similar to that of Winchester or Stolle and the bolt stops are positioned on the left hand side of the action.

Finished rifle weights will range from synthetic stocked hunting rifles at 6.75lbs to Match rifles at over 18lbs.

Left Hand Actions and opposite port configurations are available at no extra cost.

prs_actions.jpg (22784 bytes)    BoltHead.jpg (38331 bytes) 
            (Click to Enlarge)   

BSR Custom Rifles - Hunter Series Actions:

This series of actions is recommended for hunting rifles up to 9lbs, as they are lightweight with a large loading port.  All Hunter actions are available in 15-5 Stainless Steel and both the HM & HL can be supplied in 4340 Chrome Moly with a matte or polished, black finish.

The sides are faceted and the tang is shallow allowing a wide choice of stock styles including any of the Remington models.  Please refer to the McMillan stock catalogue which is available on request or visit their website at www.mcmfamily.com.

This series is 1.35”in diameter and is available in three different lengths.




Weight (oz)




Hunter Short



Single Shot Only.  PPC & BR.


Hunter Medium



Single Shot & Repeater.  Standard Cartridge Sizes i.e. 243Win


Hunter Long



Single Shot & Repeater.  Long Cartridge Sizes i.e.25-06 to 308 Baer Magnum


BSR Custom Standard Series Actions:

This series of 15-5 stainless actions is recommended for heavier hunting rifles and target rifles and will accept our whole range of center-fire cartridges including Lazzeroni Magnums.  The loading port is small for maximum rigidity and the heavier tang suits the McClassic, Tactical and Competition styles of stocks.

There is a choice of either 1.35” or 1.47” action diameters and as with the Hunter series three different, lengths are available.



Weight (oz)

1.3  -1.47




Standard Short

28 34


Single Shot Only.  PPC & BR.


Standard Medium

31.5 38.5


Single Shot & Repeater.  Standard Cartridge Sizes, i.e. 243Win


Standard Long

35 42.5


Single Shot & Repeater.  Long Cartridge

Sizes, i.e.25-06 to 338 Lapua Magnum

We welcome any enquiries regarding the specification and suitability of these high quality actions.


  "Set your Sights on the Best!"

Barrel Blanks: We only purchase Match-grade Barrel Blanks from manufacturers who guarantee their product has the best available tolerances.  Both Select Match Stainless and Match-grade Chrome-moly barrels can be fitted.  Parallel, rifled blanks are purchased and all additional machine work, except fluting, is completed in-house.

The standard lengths are up to 26" for Shilen, and Kreiger and 30" for Border.  Longer blanks can be obtained except for standard NRA 30cal x 30" target rifle barrels, will carry a surcharge of $21 per inch.  A good selection of barrel twists are available from 1: 7 to 1: 18 depending on the bullet weight and style you wish to shoot.

There are so many high quality barrel makers that the choice is often personal preference.  We carry a stock of the common bore sizes and twist rates from Shilen.  In addition, we occasionally have Border, Kreiger, and Hart blanks in some specifications and will be pleased to supply any barrel from these manufacturers.

Kreiger cut rifled barrels are having good success in the competition world and are proving to shoot well for us.  Kreiger has installed cryogenic treatment facilities and are treating all blanks before beginning to machine them.  They are also offering the option of a second cryo-process (What is this process and how does it benefit you? Follow this link.) when the barrel is rifled.  All Kreigers that we fit, unless specifically requested, will have the second treatment.  They report that the blanks are easier to machine with the result being a straighter hole.  Although the advantages may be academic, it makes chambering the blank with a concentric chamber simpler if the bore is straight.

Fitting:   Accurate rifles require barrels and actions to be squarely aligned to achieve maximum performance.  With this principal in mind, the barrel is carefully threaded to ensure a perfect fit.  This work is not readily visible but is essential to reach its full accuracy potential.  Considerable amounts of capital have been invested in purchasing equipment & tooling which allows us to work to the tightest tolerances and we are constantly upgrading our machinery to keep at the forefront of technology.

Chambering:   Our chamber reamers are ground to SAAMI, CIP or Custom dimensions with minimum tolerances and are used only in conjunction with 0.0001" increment interchangeable pilots.  Currently we have over 100 different reamers to choose from; please refer to our current list.

We commonly change the caliber/chambering of a sporting rifle during re-barreling.  Providing the bolt face and magazine length are suitable then we are pleased to discuss any appropriate changes.

Notes- Please bear in mind that the barrel channel in the stock will often have to be increased to suit a larger diameter barrel, this is not included in the cost of re-barreling.

We will be pleased to carry out any servicing work required to action or trigger while the barrel is being replaced but this should be included in a letter of confirmation.  A quote can be provided for all work if required.

Proof Testing: All complete rifles, & re-barreling jobs, are test fired.  We request that all our proof marks are engraved onto the barrel as this leaves a much neater finish.

Profiles:   Barrel profiles can be machined to suit any requirements to optimize weight, balance and accuracy.  We have a selection of approximately thirty different shapes that we commonly use.  Any straight taper can be cut providing details of the muzzle diameter and length are supplied with the order.  Special profiles, for which we do not have the masters, can be machined but they will incur a set-up charge that will be based on our standard hourly rate.

Finishes:   We offer barrel finishes in polished and bead-blasted (matte) for stainless steel, and radically polished black or matte black for chrome-molybdenum steel.  Chrome-moly barrels can also be hand polished for a traditional high gloss finish.

Guarantees:   All barrels supplied and fitted by BSR Custom Arms carry a full guarantee.  If the barrel does not perform the way that we consider appropriate and is returned to us within sixty days of supply, it will be exchanged at our discretion.

In order to keep the costs of re-barreling down, testing and load development are not included in the price.  If a rifle is returned and is subsequently found to shoot acceptably, the customer will be billed at our current charge of $219 plus carriage will cover the costs of load development work.

Please bear in mind that the barrel is not the only component that will influence the accuracy of a rifle. 



The "Jewell" in the Crown!

We only recommend and supply triggers manufactured by Arnold Jewell.  These triggers are made from stainless steel, hardened to 58 Rockwell C, and ground for perfect operation.  The pull weight is extremely consistent, and can be selected from 0.5lbs to 4.5lbs.  Two alternative mainsprings are available to reduce weight to either 1.5oz to 5oz, or 2.5oz to 16oz. Jewell triggers can be supplied only for Remington or Winchester type hook-ups, which includes those of Borden, Dakota, Stolle, Hall, Shilen, Wichita, Hart, etc.

For those who have not experienced Jewell triggers, they are simply the best triggers available.  The manufacturer of the trigger is Arnold Jewell, based in Texas.  The name Jewell is synonymous with quality and reliability, and Arnold's triggers are the standard by which others are judged.

Their unique geometry was designed to allow minimum load at the sear engagement point; and to provide maximum adjustment in pull force, sear engagement and over-travel.  All adjustments can be accomplished without removing the receiver from the stock, or the trigger from the receiver.

The internal parts of the trigger are made from 3/16" 440C stainless steel, heat treated and tempered throughout to 58 on the Rockwell C scale.  Side plates are .050" aircraft grade 300 series stainless sheet steel.  All hardware, including attachment cross-pins, the main spring, spacers and screws are stainless steel.

The trigger's modular design allows total disassembly for maintenance and cleaning.  The forward mounting spacer, and a specially designed firing pin stop on the left side of the housing, allow the trigger to stay together as a single assembly when not installed in the action.

The mounting pattern allows use in actions that utilize the Remington 700 or Winchester Model 70 type triggers.

The BR (Light Pull Competition Model) is adjustable from 1.5oz to 5.0oz.

The HVR (Hunting / Varmint Model) is available with three spring options: Spring A allows adjustment from ½lb to 3¼lbs. Spring B is adjustable from 2.5oz to 16oz. Spring C adjusts from 1.5oz to 5.0oz.

Jewell triggers are easily adjusted.  All three-adjustment screws are fitted with nylon inserts to maintain their positions.  The use of external locking compounds, such as nail polish or Loctite, are not required to maintain screw settings.  

The crispness of the Arnold Jewell trigger has to felt to be believed!



Over the last few years, we have been expanding our stocking services.  This has mostly been to serve the needs of our stalking rifle clients, but we have also become involved in manufacturing high-grade laminate stocks for target shooters.

The initial roughing of the blank is completed on a copy router that removes 80 to 90% of the external and internal material.  We have enough spare capacity on this machine that we can offer the keen amateur or professional stocker a machined blank ready for hand fitting and finishing.  Providing we have a pattern that can be copied, i.e. an old stock or one of the many shapes that we have masters for, then we can reproduce it - a little or a lot oversize.  For specific requirements, we will also be pleased to manufacture masters to a customer's own design ideas.  Please enquire for further details.







$280 - $329

$840 - $889

$1499 - $1694 


$280 - $329

$840 - $889

$1498 -$1694


$280 - $329

$833 - $882

$1589 - $1869


$217 - $266

$490 - $588

$980 - $1078


$217 - $266

$490 - $588

$980 - $1078


These elegant pieces are graded according to percentage of figure, density, and contrast: "AA" indicates approximately 20-30% figure in the wood, "AAA" has 30-60% figure, "Select Grade" is 60-90% figured, and "Exhibition Grade" is 99-100% figured which may consist of whorls, fiddleback, feather crotch, burl, or a combination of these types of figuring.

AA Grade: $490
AAA Grade: $665
Select Grade: $840 to $1050
Exhibition Grade: $1260 +
Maple/Maple: $287 +
Beech/Walnut: $175 +

OVAL: $49

Choice of Cartridge

BSR Custom Arms specialize in chambering and fitting barrels.  We have a wide variety of match-grade chamber reamers and can supply barrels with minimum CIP specification chambers, or with custom dimensions to suit individual requirements.
Our current list includes the following reamers:

22LR Sport

6mm PRS

284 Win

22LR Match

6mm Rem

280 Rem

17 Rem

6mm Rem Ack

280 Ack

22 Hornet

6mm Rem Ack 270 Nk

280 Ack 312 Nk

22 K Hornet

240 Wthby

7mm x 68 Imp

221 Fireball

6 x 284 Win 270 Nk

7mm Rem Mag

222 Rem

6mm-06 Imp 30° 270Nk

7mm STW

222 Rem Mag

6mm Catbird

7mm PRS

223 Rem

6mm Tomahawk 272Nk

30BR 330 Nk

223 Rem Lng Throat

244 H&H

308 x 1 ½ 330 Nk

22 PPC

257 Rbts

308 Win

22 PPC 246 Nk

257 Ack 285 Nk

308 Win Custom (12 various)

22 BR

25 – 06 Rem

30 – 06 Spr

22 BR 246 Nk

25 – 06 Ack

30 – 06 Ack

5.6 x 50 R

257 Wby Mag

30 – 06 Ack Lng Thrt

22-250 Rem

260 Rem Short thrt

300 Win Mag

22-250 254 Nk

260 Rem Lng thrt

30-338 Win Mag

22-250Ack Imp

6.5 x 54 MS

300 H&H

220 Swift

6.5 x 55 Swd.

300 Wby Short Thrt

220 Swift 252 Nk

6.5 x 55 Swd Lng Thrt

300 Dakota

220 Swift Ack

6.5 x 55 Ack 292 Nk

300 PRS

22-243 Midd

6.5 x 57mm

308 Baer 336 NK

22-243 Midd 252 Nk

6.5 x 57mm Lng Thrt

30-416 Rigby

224 Clark

6.5 x 284 Win 292 Nk

303 British

6 x 47 mm

264 Win Mag

8mm Rem Mag

6 mm PPC USA & Lapua

264 Win Mag 292 Nk

338 Win Mag

6 mm PPC 262 Nk

6.5 x 68 Imp 292 Nk

338 Lapua Mag

6mm BR

270 Win

340 Wby

6mm BR 262 Nk

270 Wby Mag

375 H&H

6mm BR Lng throat

7mm BR

416 Rem Mag

243 Win

7-08 Rem

416 Rigby

243 Win Lng throat

7-08 Ack

45-70 US Gov.

243 Win 270 Nk.

7 x 57mm

45-120 Sharps

243 Ack

7 x 57 Ack

50-140 Sharps

243 Ack Lng throat

7 x 64mm


1/ Due to the variance in steel quality we do not re-chamber factory barrels.  We also reserve the right to refuse to chamber any barrel blanks supplied by customers.  If, however, customers wish to cover tooling costs of chamber reamers we will complete any work requested.
2/ New reamers are regularly added to our stock, please telephone for further details.
3/We are pleased to order reamers for any cartridge including unusual wildcats; but a non-returnable deposit of $140 will be required, and the barrel fitting charge may increase by up to $350 to partially cover tooling costs and time. 


  pic00030.jpg (62295 bytes)        pic00045.jpg (21435 bytes)        
                (Click to Enlarge)

                                BSR Custom Arms Ultimate Precision Hunting Rifle …… $4900    

Action: Precision Rifles Stainless Steel, Short Action, Repeater with right-hand bolt and right-hand port.  Includes Remington 700BDL trigger guard, with a hinged floor plate.  All bolts made from one piece of 4340 steel - so no brazed on bolt handles. Bolt bodies are spiral fluted, in order to reduce friction and enhance appearance.
Available in single-shot and repeater short, long and long-magnum configurations. Various sizes of bolt face, plus alternative trigger guards and floor plates are available: please enquire for further details.
  See Actions.

Trigger: Arnold Jewell Stainless Match-grade with top right-hand safe.

Barrel: Shilen Stainless Select Match-grade with matte finish; contour, length, weight & twist rate to customer's specification.  See Barrels.

Chamber: We will chamber for any cartridge that is included in our current list of reamers and will fit the loading port or magazine box of each action.

Stock: Various McMillan sporter, competition or tactical styles.  A Pachmyer Decelerator recoil pad and sling swivel studs are fitted as standard.  Finished in customer’s choice of molded-in color or any of McMillan's marbled colors. Please request a McMillan catalogue.

Mounts: Leupold bases & Apel 1" or 30mm rings.

Bedding: Actions are pillar bedded in epoxy resin with solid pillars to give a reliable contact between action and stock, and thus avoid any stock compression.  Barrels are floating.  Hex head bolts are used.  See Bedding.

Testing: Each rifle is test fired for accuracy and function before delivery.  Chronographed velocities and hand-load data are provided.  See Accuracy Guarantees.


Custom Products bore guide.  
Gunguard 48” or 52” deluxe hard case.  

Sling swivels – quick detachable.
Firing pin removal tool.
Allen keys.
Bolt lug grease.

Single-Shot Action: Subtract $210
Chrome Moly Action HM or HL: Add $210
Super Magnum Action (338Lap - 416Rby) including Weatherby Box & Stainless Steel Floor plate: Add $665
Sunny Hill Enterprises Custom Stainless Floor plate: Add $350
Left hand: No Extra Charge

Hart Stainless: Add $70
Kreiger Stainless, double cryogenically processed: Add $91
Kreiger Fluted, double cryogenically processed: Add $210

Wildcat Work.  We will chamber for any cartridge including those of a customer's own design.
Tooling costs, at approx. $350, must be covered by the customer when we do not have the appropriate chamber reamers.

Pachmyer Old English, hard recoil pads are available on request.
Polyurethane painted finish in black, brown, grey or dark green.

Muzzle Brake: Add $295
Vaime full-bore silencer with barrel thread cap: Add $215
Telescopic sights, Leupold, Swarovski, etc: POR

Please discuss your custom requirements when the rifle order is placed.




BSR Custom Arms Benchrest LV, HV & 1000 Yard …… $4550


Due to the popularity of bench-rest in the United States, there is now a huge choice of components from which a rifle can be built.  Single shot actions and barrels, with tolerances suitable for competition purposes, are easily available.  Stocks have seen considerable evolution over the last few years, and are now available in many shapes to suit different shooting styles and disciplines.  We will build BR rifles from any combination of components that is appropriate.

Action: Precision Rifles & Stolle Action can be used in any combination of size and loading port that is available.  See Actions.

Trigger: Arnold Jewell Stainless BR or HVR.

Barrel: Shilen Stainless Select, Hart or Kreiger Match-Grade with polished finish.  Contour.  Length, weight and twist rate to customer's specification.  See Barrels.

Chamber: 6mm PPC 0.262" Neck to suite Lapua 220 Russian basic brass; or any chamber that we have reamers for, suited to 1000 yard competition.

Stock: McMillan Benchrest or MBR in any marbled colors.  Custom made aluminum butt plate with a polished finish, or Pachmyer Decelerator on the long-range rifles.

Mounts: Kelbly Panda 1" or 30mm. 1000-yard rifles are supplied with an inclined base, with specific MOA elevation to suite the various 'scopes used.

Bedding: Actions are pillar bedded in epoxy resin with solid pillars, and the action is then glued into the stock.  Bolt in actions can be supplied if desired.  Barrels are floating.  See Bedding.

Testing: Each rifle is test fired for accuracy and function before delivery.  Chronographed velocities and hand-load data are provided.  See Accuracy Guarantees.


 Custom Products bore guide.
 Gunguard 48" or 52" hard case
 Firing pin removal kit
 Allen keys
 Bolt lug grease
Any benchrest shooting accessories can be supplied along with this rifle. 

             Actions: Left-handed actions, where available: No extra charge

             Barrel: Hart Stainless: Add $70
                          Hart Stainless cryoprocessed : Add $120
                          Kreiger Stainless, double cryogenically processed : Add $91
                          Kreiger Fluted, double cryogenically processed : Add $210

             Muzzle Brake: PRS custom fitted to each barrel  - 1000-yard rifles: Add $325

 Stock:   We are now able to offer alternative stock shapes made by McMillan and other benchrest stock makers.  Stocks can be painted in any color: From $280

                        Please discuss your custom requirements when the rifle order is placed.


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