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Clock & Watch Repair

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BSR Group, Inc. is Indiana's only full time, full service Clock/Watch & Music Box Repair Center.


Clock and watch retail operations are in the business of selling new timepieces and providing limited repair services for their representative product line.  Moreover, they are not equipped to service older timepieces many of which require fabrication of replacement parts. Should you consider taking your
fine timepiece or music box to one of the many "Clock Sales/Repair" shops, ask to see their equipment.  Unless you see equipment similar to each piece you found in our shop, they simply cannot provide full service restoration services!

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Our fully equipped metal and wood machine shop allows us to fabricate any part necessary to facilitate repair of your fine timepiece, or, music box including restoration of cases and cabinets.

We produce custom parts for repair personnel throughout the United States and Canada.

While we specialize in the repair, restoration and conservation of antique timepieces, we service all
makes and models of contemporary clocks and watches.

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From our initial inspection you will be provided with an estimate of the charge you will incur; deviations from this estimate must be approved by you.  Each timepiece is completely disassembled and all components ultrasonically cleaned.  During reassembly, each component is closely scrutinized and repaired/replaced as required.

The timepiece is then lubricated and run in our shop for a minimum of one week prior to return.  Your timepiece/music box is, quite literally, as good as new while retaining its antiquarian value.

You will receive a detailed write-up of all work performed as well as a written appraisal of your timepiece.

Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed and backed by a one year written warranty.
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We offer free pick-up and delivery within Johnson and surrounding counties.

For information regarding our charges for clock/watch repair, follow this link, also the home of   " The Visible Clock" and  "The Visible Watch" as well as the Clock & Watch Glossary.

For information regarding pricing of custom clock/watch parts, follow this link.

Questions regarding your clock, how to regulate, how diagnose and correct minor difficulties? 

Visit our sections "On-line Clock Clinic", and,
"Ask the Watch/Clockmaker"   They are free!

Please visit our Music Box Section and enjoy our articles entitled "The Magical Music Box - A History", and, "How to Care for Your Music Box"

Please contact us for all of your clock/watch & music box repair needs!

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