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Custom Woodworking

"Old World Quality and Craftsmanshipİ"

BSR Group offers a variety of custom woodworking services from the restoration of your fine antiques to custom cabinetry and furniture, antique furniture reproductions antique & custom locks/keys, to interior remodeling.

Antique Furniture Restoration :

Restoration and conservation of fine antique furniture requires, among other specialized skills, an in-depth knowledge of the joinery and finishes utilized for each period. 

Special, and at times, custom tools are required to properly restore veneers, marquetry, gildings and boulles.

We utilize stripping compounds specifically blended to match the finish of your piece.  Under no circumstance is your piece "dipped", a practice of many firms that claim to undertake restoration work.  "Dipping" is a "fast and dirty" method of finish removal, unfortunately, dipping causes eventual disintegration of adhesives resulting in broken joinery, loose or split veneer and loss of inlays.

In our shop, each stripping compound is applied by hand, the old finish gently washed away and a neutralizing compound applied, which neutralizing compound assures protection of the wood, veneers and inlays and of the new finish per se.

Your piece is then closely inspected for defects in the wood, veneers and inlays, which defects (with your permission) are then repaired using a variety of techniques, or, replaced. Often crowns and cornices become damaged beyond repair; replacement is necessitated.  Our shop has over 600 antique hand planers, some dating to the 16th century which we utilize so as to assure exact replication of each molding.

I should emphasize that under no circumstance is any "modification" to your piece undertaken absent your consultation and approval!  You are "involved" in the restoration process from beginning to end.

The joinery is then inspected and repaired as necessary.

Finally, hand finishing and finish restoration, including French polishing

As you can see, restoration of fine antiques calls upon techniques, knowledge and skills that differ vastly from the common furniture repair shop.

Protection of the antiquarian value of your piece is of paramount importance to our personnel.


Work-in-progress; 19th Century Oak Secretary.  (Click to Enlarge)

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Custom Cabinetmaking and Furniture:

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Looking for that home entertainment center, bookcase or other appointment just right to enhance the beauty and balance of your favorite room?  BSR Group can provide the solution.

We offer custom cabinets and furniture to match any decor.

Is shopping for the perfect antiquarian piece for that corner, hallway or nook your passion yet everything you find is the wrong wood or just not to be found?  BSR Group can provide the solution.

We offer custom cabinets and furniture to match any period you require.  Constructed using the most modern joinery techniques, our vast historical furniture reference library guarantees a piece that is the perfect replication, to the finest detail including carvings, inlays and period glass. As mentioned in the preceding section our collection of 17th, 18th and 19th carpentry tools guarantees that true period appearance. Yes, we can actually "age" the piece to fool your most discriminating visitor.

Contact us today for free consultation.  Your absolute satisfaction is our guarantee.

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Antique & Custom Locks/Keys:

                Cylinder                        Core                Face






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    Interior Remodeling:

Found just the "right" home, yet in need of "personalization"?  BSR Group can provide the solution.  We offer a full range of custom remodeling solutions including hardwood flooring and stairways, custom built-in bookcases, custom trim and moldings of any nature, cabinet refacing and, of course, custom cabinetry. 

Contact us today for free consultation.  Your absolute satisfaction is our guarantee.

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