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Micro Machining

"Old World Quality and Craftsmanshipİ"


BSR Group, Inc. provides custom micro/precision machined parts for the horological trade as well as custom components for numerous specialized mechanical engineering applications.

Our full service metal shop produces custom components for clock, watch, chronograph, and music box repair practitioners throughout the World, including fabrication of parts for antique American and European classics.

Moreover, we offer custom micro machining for a broad spectrum of applications from tool/die to specialized micro components.

Parts may be machined from pattern, or, the original, or, custom design specifications.

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               Gears - Worms
               Spring barrels  - Pinions
               Escapements - Barrel Gears
               Tooth Replacement - Damper combs
                                   Cylinders - Balance shafts                        
               Stems - Governors
               Bezels - Hinges
               Bows - Bridges
               Plates - Pistons
               Tools - Dies
               Precision Milling
               Precision Drilling
               Custom Components of all design

    Full CAD, CAM and CNC capabilities.                                     
ISO Certified Quality Management Systems.

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