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"Old World Quality and Craftsmanshipİ"

   Clock/Watch & Music Box Repair/Restoration (And Antique Phonographs)

                Micro/Precision Machining - (Application Specific and Horological)

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                           Custom Gun Building    Firearm Restoration    General Smithing Services

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                                         Custom Cabinetmaking   Antique Furniture Restorations/Reproductions


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Synopsis of Services





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Clock/Watch & Music Box Repair/Restoration (And Antique Phonographs)


Visit Our Free On-Line Clock Clinic 

    And Our Articles Entitled :

         "The Magical Music Box - A History"
             "How to Care for Your Music Box"!

Full service - Full time repair center.   (See 'Entrance to our shop' above)

Specializing in the restoration, repair and conservation of fine antique timepieces & music boxes.

Complete restorations; movements, case, face.  All work researched.  Complete overhaul of movement with minimal evidence of intrusion.

Case restoration includes veneers and inlays.  Old world finishes, tall case, bracket, pillar and scroll.

Servicing all makes and styles of contemporary timepieces including 400 day, Cuckoo and Grandfather.

Should you consider taking your fine timepiece or music box to one of the many "Clock Sales/Repair" shops, ask to see their equipment.  Unless you see equipment similar to each piece you found in our shop, they simply cannot provide full service restoration services!  (See 'Entrance to our shop' above)

 (Contact us) -or- (Follow this link for details of Clock/Watch & Music Box Repair/Restoration.)  

Micro/Precision Machining


Machining for Horlogical and allied trades, as well as custom micro components for specialized mechanical purpose.

  (Contact us) -or-  (Follow this link for details of Micro/Precision Machining.)
Custom Gun Building

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Specializing in the restoration, repair and conservation of fine firearms. 

See Our Sections:
     Custom Competition Build-Ups,

                Custom Rifles,

        Custom Stocks, Barrels, Actions & Ammo, &    
                Custom Display Cases/Cabinets.

Visit Our Articles:
                "What Makes an Accurate Rifle?" &
So, You Want to Build a Custom Competition Quality 1911 .45!  

          (Contact us) -or-  (Follow this link for details of Custom Gun Building.)

Custom Woodworking
                                                        Custom Cabinetmaking


                    Antique Furniture Restorations/Reproductions             

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(Follow this link for details of Custom Woodworking including antique/custom locks/keys.)


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