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Welcome to our home.  Enjoy your tour!  Contact us should you have questions regarding our equipment.
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Metal Shop - Clock/Watch Restoration, Precision Micro Machining, Tool & Die, Custom Gunsmithing

20" Industrial Drill Press, Precision 'X/Y' Table with special jig for mounting sights & scopes, mainspring winding fixture attached to
table.  Large tool storage units.  Engine lathe/mill combination with precision 'X/Y' table, multi-directional vice and 360˚ precision
. Mobile stereo-microscope used for precision drilling, boring, milling and lathe operations.  Clock support fixtures for bench
testing of units.  (Continue below)

Precision bore sighting set, beat amplifier/analyzer, basic clock work bench with various small hand tools, soldering station, and
precision power rotary tool.  Additional tools storage with 8" drill and bushing machine atop.  Precision micro-mill with gear cutting
adapter including cutters for various teeth profiles.  Light weight torch for welding of small components.  Precision ammunition
reloading of all various calibers. Various hi-intensity lamps.  Small tool/component storage containers and various clock and
hand-gun stands.

16" Industrial Drill Press with precision 'X/Y' table and articulated vise.  Storage for small clock/watch components, various drill
and micro-precision grinding/cutting/polishing, staking set, laptop computer utilized for time-keeping and CNC operations with removable hard drive for transport of data to CAD/CAM and business computers located outside the shop per-se.  Watch disassembly and repair station with stereo microscope, various small hand tools precision buffer, precision rotary machines, oiling stations and injectors.  Small clock/watch components in-stock.  Various hi-intensity lamps.

Standard clock/watch maker's lathe with all attachments, gear duplicating fixture, precision micro-lathe with custom watch/clock maker's
steady rest.  Stereo microscope for use with lathes, precision power grinders/polishers CNC interface controller, digital micrometers. 
Precision micro-milling machine with custom gear cutting fixture and various cutters.  Woodworking station for small wooden components
including 38" radial drill press with Rockford table top fixture, 'deep throat' precision jig saw, air-brush painting system and various small
precision wood forming power hand tools.

Clock testing stands, multitude of power and precision hand tools for gunstock bedding, checkering, carving, refinishing.

Clock disassembly and staging area.  Minor cabinet/case repairs and electric motor rebuilding.

Detail cleaning center.  Air compressor for forced air drying, heat drying three ultrasonic cleaning machines and buffing station.  Long gun disassembly area, metal polishing, touch-up blueing, bore polishing.                                        


Wood Shop - Clock Cabinet Restoration, Custom gunstock fabrication, Antique Furniture Restoration

Over 150 'hand molders' (planers) dating to the 17th century for duplicating period moldings, bolsters and various trim for furniture and clock cabinet/case restoration.  Various pieces in shop for restoration including 19th Century grandfather cabinet (c.1818).


Clock case/cabinet, antique furniture restoration equipment.  Centralized dust collection system, radial arm saw, wood forming station (router mounted above and below).  The large grey cabinet is a bead blasting cabinet used for gun metal refinishing, removal of old blue, rust and so forth; used very fine glass beads forced against metal by compressed air.  Removes old blue and rust without the use of chemicals.  We use no caustic chemicals in either wood or metal refinishing.